Protection Order in Steve Taylor vs STLCC;

    a civil rights action brought by Taylor                         against STLCC

This document is being published here at the request of Karen Sheeley.  Sheeley has continued to wrongfully characterize it as a "restraining order".  It is not.  It is an agreement between Steve Taylor, who has brought a civil rights complaint against St. Louis Community college, and the defendants to protect medical records and other sensitive documents.


Any further claim that this is a restraining order would be a willful misrepresentation. But it would also be typical of the bullheaded discounting of facts that has cost the City of Wildwood so much in time and reputation. Over $30,000 in failed ethics complaints have been filed by a fractious anti-mayor group unwilling to accept facts.  Unfortunately the spiteful rumor mongering continues.

Karen Sheeley's Original Support of Councilman Taylor/Click Image to see her change in perspective based upon a sense of political entitlement and upset with Taylor for his independent voting record.


What a Sense of Political Entitlement Looks Like

We should have one class of resident in Wildwood.  Not the "founders" and their lineage and everyone else.  One person, one vote.

Karen Sheeley even questioned the veracity of Wildwood Resident Tony Messenger who recently won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary when he wrote about Taylor and the STLCC case.