Councilwoman Shea's Unhinged Missive

February 2, 2019



In response to a January 23rd expose on controversial Councilwoman Shea's Facebook page Shenanigans, there has been pushback by some of those featured in the post.  The claims attempt a narrative that my postings on Wildwoodmatters  are somehow vitriolic or even intended to harass.


Nothing could be further from the truth.  I am committed to civil public discourse and truthfulness.  It is because of my commitment to a more representative and efficient City government that I have established this blog and I encouraged anyone wishing to discuss a policy issue to submit a post.


On the other hand those making the allegations that my posts are a bit muckraking seem to be committed to bullying into silence those with contrary opinions .  This was looked at in the last blog- Conduct Unbecoming


To further illustrate the complete intolerance for alternative viewpoints I am posting this unhinged missive I received from Councilwoman Shea after I refused to agree with her on legislation to hire co-interim city administrators. 


As a result of publicly taking a position other than her own, Councilwoman Shea sent me the follow email.


 It states:


"FYI...comments from the viewing public this morning..."If Steve Taylor would just shut up, maybe something could get done." "Taylor thinks we should trust Bowlin...are you kidding". "He sounds like a fool" "Does he understand how even to ask a question?" "The council meetings are not a joke!  Some of us are still getting intimidated and threatened...but you don't care about that.  What you don't concern yourself with does not exist according to you.  How shallow your interests are. ego much?  Your perspective is tainted,  You spend way more time kissing ass with Bowlin and Young than you care about the people who supported and worked for you.  In particular me.  Your insulting. I'm over it.  Trust...nobody trusts you.  Hope your happy with your accomplishment.  You have disrespected the most honorable, committed and hard working people in this community to be "liked" by deplorable liars. Nice job. I have no interest in you deluded interpretations. I have seen and heard enough. Get some help. Have a great rest of your term."


It is important to know that this was sent in response to my voting differently than she did.  Councilwoman Shea was demanding that I vote her way because she wanted to exert control over the council.


I am not going to call this "harassment", but I will call it unhinged and such bullying should not be tolerated from an elected official.


Paid for by Steve Taylor


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