You Asked for it. You Got It!

August 21, 2019

Earlier today, a super-regular reader of Wildwood Matters made a request regarding a months-old story, Lets Not Point Cameras in Peoples Faces. The story was about how the videotaping of meetings by a certain group had started to become invasive or intimidating for residents. 


Being a super-dedicated WWM fan (who scrolls through month old blogs), she asked whenever had any such footage been edited or broadcast.  Below is a screenshot of the request.



Numerous examples avail themselves including some footage from a raucous ethics committee meeting when several members of this group did not get their desired outcome.


But, Smith has asked for the example cited.  She has asked for the one in where council members who were innocently reading their packets in preparation for a meeting were videotaped and later edited to include an untruthful allegation during the last election.


Luckily, WWM had done its own video regarding this deceptive use of camera footage.  So Ms. Smith, as they say, you got it!  (The video is below)

This is not the first time Wildwood Matters has been able to provide what members of this group has asked for.


In January, Kelly Woerther who is an incorporator of We are Wildwood and a filer of numerous ethics complaints, had asked for evidence that such failed ethics complaints had cost the city over $30,000,    WWM obliged with a story providing a city spreadsheet with the requested data.


In an eerily similar fashion, Council Member Tim Woerther had asked for information regarding a criminal investigation against him.  He was hoping to dispel the notion that there was none, but in what WWM dubbed a "double-reverse-Matlock Maneuver", the police Chief Confirmed that there was indeed an investigation underway.  Mr. Woerther was never charged, but the dramatic fashion in which he hoisted himself upon his own petard epitomizes the truism to "be careful of what you ask for."






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