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Wildwood City Council End Runs Mayor and Votes Unanimously to Advance the "Free Speech Amendme

On September 24, after the Mayor of Wildwood attempted to prevent even the discussion of the "Free Speech Amendment", the Wildwood City Council made an end run around Mayor Bowlin and voted unanimously to place the amendment on the agenda for first reading at the next Council Agenda. The Mayor had denied numerous requests to place the amendment, which had been passed by a standing committee, on the city agenda ostensibly because he was on vacation. The Mayor, who's rules preventing questions to city officials would be rolled back, also claimed in an email that the amendment may be "out of order", a claim that was challenged by Taylor during his comments. Having been prevented from speaking

Wildwood Mayor Attempts to Disallow Discussion of "Free Speech Amendment" in His Absence

In face of the Mayor of Wildwood disallowing even the discussion of a "Free Speech Amendment" in his absence, the Wildwood City Council seems poised to use its own authority to put the amendment back on the legislative rails. On 9/11 the "Free Speech Amendment" which would roll back rules instituted by Mayor Bowlin that prohibits residents from asking direct questions of their elected officials passed the Administration / Public Work's Committee. It was on its way to the Council's 9/24 Work Session Agenda when it was diverted when the Mayor claimed that it would not be allowed on the next agenda since he was on vacation. Further, he stated that it may be "out of order" and thus indefinitel

Wildwood Mayor Attempts to Divert, Postpone or Possibly even Sink "Free Speech Amendment"

A nervous Mayor of Wildwood seeks to divert, postpone or possibly sink a so-called "Free Speech Amendment" that would allow residents to direct questions to their elected officials at public meetings. Recently an amendment that would roll back rules set in place by the Mayor that limits resident interaction with officials at Wildwood meetings was passed by a standing committee. Per the City Administrator, the legislation was on its way before the council at its next meeting, but the legislation has been diverted by the Mayor for seemingly capricious reasons that include his vacationing. Now the Mayor claims the "Free Speech Amendment" might be "out of order". Steve Taylor, the author of


The Webster Kirkwood Times ran a kind story on Councilman Taylor's father and the recent 4th ward race. The Post-Dispatch's Tony Messenger has written two editorials on Taylor's election win. In the first, Messenger reveals that he voted for Taylor and his free-speech platform. In the second he covers how St. Louis Community College has been a poor sport regarding Taylor's victory. The Riverfront Times has also covered Taylor's win. And so has St. Louis Community College's own publications The Scene and The Montage. The national outlet Inside Higher Ed has also done a nice piece on the race. Paid for by Steve Taylor

Freedom of Speech Amendment Passed by Committee

I am pleased to announce that on September 11th, an amendment to Wildwood's municipal code that would allow residents to ask direct questions of the City Council and Mayor was passed by the administration/public works committee. It should now head to the full Council for consideration. I ran in part to allow greater interaction between residents and their government, and this amendment which I have introduced will do just that if passed. Paid for by Steve Taylor