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Wildwood Council Passes "Free Speech Amendment" with a 12 to 4 Vote

With a 12 to 4 vote, the Wildwood City Council passed legislation spearheaded by Councilman Taylor that allows residents to ask direct questions of their city representatives this Monday. After having received an unusual amount of media coverage for a municipal code change, including a front-page story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the city council defeated attempts to strip language from the bill and passed it in its original form. The new code allows for residents to ask a direct question of the Council or Mayor and for the same to give a brief response if they desire. The bill also prevents a Mayor from cutting off comments they may deem as irrelevant or repetitive during the speaker

STATEMENT/PRESS RELEASE -'Free Speech Amendment"

Statement Regarding Upcoming Vote on “Free Speech Amendment” For Immediate Release 10/12/2018 Wildwood, MO- On October 22nd, the Wildwood City Council will have a second reading and an anticipated final vote on legislation that would allow residents to ask questions of their elected officials during the public participation section of council meetings. The so-called “Free Speech Amendment” had to overcome unusual hurdles to even be placed on the agenda for first reading. In a surprise move during the October 8th Council meeting, Wildwood City Mayor, Jim Bowlin announced that after meeting with the bill’s author Ward Four Councilman Steve Taylor, that he would be instituting the main provisi

Free Speech Amendment Passes Key Hurdle, Heads to Second Reading / Mayor Institutes "The Gist&q

After threatening to return it to committee, the Wildwood City Mayor decided Monday night to institute "the gist" of the Free Speech Amendment. In what looked as if it was going to be the reconciling of legislative momentum and Mayoral resistance, Mayor Bowlin informed council member Taylor moments before the beginning of Monday night's meeting that he had removed the warning lights from the dais, and was going to allow residents to make direct inquires of the council. "He told me that he was basically institute the "Free Speech Amendment", when just hours ago he was dead set on sending it back to committee," said Taylor. "I told him that if that was the case and he was supporting the bil

Mayor Attempts to Cajole Council into Bailing Out on "Free Speech Amendment" after Voting

A bill, known as the "Free Speech Amendment" , which would allow Wildwood residents to ask questions of their council members is facing new resistance from the mayor who is opposed to such a change. In a meeting Friday with Mayor Bowlin, the bill's author, Councilman Steve Taylor, was told by the mayor that he should expect a motion this Monday to send the bill back to the committee from whence it came. "After surviving numerous attempts by the administration to divert the "Free Speech Amendment" from the normal legislative order, Wildwood's mayor will now encourage the city council to bail out on its unanimous vote to place the bill on the council's agenda and to send the bill back to a c