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In Reverse-Matlock Maneuver Councilman Confirms He is Under Investigation

In what some have described as a "reverse-Matlock" manuever, Councilman Tim Woerther, who was trying argue that he was not under investigation, ended up confirming that he is. The controversy started when Councilman Woerther attempted to change the minutes from the last meeting. He attempted to enter lengthy statements regarding his actions that are part of an ongoing investigation that he allegedly removed a public document from City Hall and disposed of it. Councilman Taylor opposed Woerther's motion by requiring that his statements be verified by the City Attorney and Clerk. This precipitated a debate which continued sporadically during the entire meeting. Councilmen Taylor and Manto

Free Speech Amendment Passes Unanimously- West Newsmagazine Update

The "Free Speech Amendment" has finally made it across the finish line and Wildwood residents are guaranteed by code the right to ask direct questions of the Council and the Mayor. As the bill's sponsor, I would like to thank the entire council and the Mayor for working collaboratively to make this happen. Paid for by Steve Taylor

Bill Kennedy and the Art of the Flip Flop

It is interesting how former Councilman and political operative Bill Kennedy can move from ingratiating political endorsement when he thinks he controls your vote, to bizarre personal attacks when he realizes you won't yield to his will. Here he is supporting my race after the League of Women Voters' debate. I guess he believed I would always agree with him. He more than once expressed that what he really wants is a few more council members. We assume that means in his pocket. Below he is calling me an "uneducated nutty professor who jumped into bed with a corrupt administration" after I publicly disagreed about the merit of the nearly $30,000 in failed ethics committee filings that he an

Potential Criminal Conduct by Councilman Woerther Referred to Law Enforcement

In a surprising announcement by Co-Interim City Administrators Joe Vujnich and Steve Cross, who were just appointed at the January 7th City Council meeting, the Council has been informed that one of its members may have violated the law by removing and destroying a document . According to the letter, Councilman Woerther admitted to removing the original document from the City Hall and that he "disposed" of it at his home. The document was produced when Mayor Bowlin formally requested, as per ordinance, that he make an official hand written request to override the Mayor's veto of what some believed to be a bill that exceeded the Council's authority. The note was written with the assistance of

Nearly $30,000 in Failed Ethics and Charter Complaints Filed Against Mayor Bowlin and Other Perceive

In response to numerous inquiries to back up claims that nearly $30,000 dollars worth of failed ethics and Charter complaints have been filed by or on the behalf of opponents of Mayor Bowlin and his perceived allies. Wildwood Matters is posting the city document that demonstrates the fact. Hopefully this will be sufficient to those who have been demanding a "line by line" accounting. Link to PDF Paid for by Steve Taylor

Wildwood Operatives Target Humor; Mirth Becomes Offensive to a Certain Political Tribe

An anonymous wag once said, "when someone loses a sense another one becomes stronger to compensate, that is why those with no sense of humor have an overdeveloped sense of self importance." A sense of humor is essential to making it through life without taking yourself too seriously. It is also good for the soul. As a not-so-anonymous scribe once said, "a merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit drieth the bones." If you attend Wildwood City Council meetings you know there is a lot of dry, serious and often angry stuff. Some council members even seem to relish interrogating residents seeking to volunteer as city commissioners, such as on the ethics board. It's painfu

Why I will not vote to override veto of City Administrator bill

Every election cycle the importance of our Charter is touted by candidates. This is right because Mayors and Council Members will come and go, but the institutions that make up our city will remain. Respect for those institutions, residents and the offices that elected officials hold ensure the endurance of Wildwood and its vision. But lately our City has been suffering from power play, gotcha politics. There are innuendo and snarky comments at the dais, and the welfare of the City seems to take second or third place to winner-take-all antics. Some elected officials are constantly ripping at the roots of our City as we are seeing unprecedented disrespect for the office of the Mayor and t

Free Speech Amendment Passes Committee with Unanimous Vote and Heads Back to Wildwood City Council

The Free Speech Amendment (FSA), spearheaded by councilman Taylor was passed by the Wildwood City Council last October. But Mayor Bowlin vetoed the FSA because of concerns over a sentence in the measure that allowed the City Council to set rules on a per meeting basis. A subsequent veto override attempt failed by one vote and the FSA was subsequently sent back to committee to be revised. After several minor revisions that included allowing residents to state their ward as opposed to their address at the podium, as well as removing the sentence that inspired the mayor's veto, the Administration and Public Works Committee voted unanimously to approve the amended language and send the FSA bac

Respect and Compromise are Needed to Move the City Forward

On January 3rd the City of Wildwood held a special meeting in an attempt to install co-interim city adminstrators while a search is completed for a new full-time replacement for Ryan Thomas who resigned as City Administrator last December. The ad-hoc committee tasked with finding candidates to fill the position put forward a resolution that sought to have Planning & Parks Director Joe Vujnich and Current City Treasurer Stephen Cross serve as co-interim city administrators. The task was complicated by several factors. To begin with the current municipal code does not allow for a city employee to serve in the capacity of Treasurer. Since the city administrator position is that of an employee