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Freshly Censured Councilwoman Tammy Shea Pushes Back Against Peace Offering; Appears riled by talk o

At the February 27th candidate forum at Wildwood City Hall, Dr. Kenneth Remy, who is running in ward three against recently censured Councilwoman Tammy Shea, made an offer that after the election the council could "break bread" at his home to promote peace and civility. In response Shea posted that night on her campaign Facebook account that such an offer would be a violation of law and that the offer somehow demonstrated that Mr. Remy was "cut of the same cloth" as Mayor Bowlin. This was not meant as a complement as the Mayor is a frequent target of the Shea's criticism. Moreover, her reasoning is flawed since nothing prevents the council to get together socially as they do at the annual

Controversial Councilwoman Tammy Shea Censured by Wildwood City Council

PHOTO: Councilwoman Shea Brushed Off Of Confrontation By St. Louis County Police Councilwoman Tammy Shea who had avoided censure about tens months ago was unable to avoid it for a second time and received an official reproach from the council about unprofessional behavior below the dignity of her office. (Link to recent story with complete language of the Shea censure resolution) At one point during the discussion, Bill Kennedy, a political operative and Shea supporter tried hard to distract the debate by holding up photographs during discussion of the resolution. According to comments by several members after the meeting, the strategy did not underscore a respect for process and may not ha

Controversial Council Member Tammy Shea Faces Censure for Second Time

PHOTO: Councilwoman Shea is brushed off by St. Louis County Police from a confrontation with Councilman Greg Stine at a recent city council meeting. For the second time, the Wildwood City Council will consider a resolution of censure of Councilwoman Tammy Shea. The first was drafted after an April 9, 2018 Wildwood City Council meeting. The resolution was brought forward after a number of city employees, including former City Administrator Ryan Thomas, had filed complaints regarding Shea's behavior. In an April 11th report, West Newsmagazine conveyed, "According to McGowen, the council has received multiple complaints since early 2018 from eight city staff members concerning Shea's action

Attempts to Weaken Our Mayor Weakens the City in Upcoming Merger Fight

The City of Wildwood currently faces an existential threat from the "Better Together" initiative. Proponents of the merger suggest that the region would be better off with the unification of St Louis City and St. Louis County and with severely reducing the autonomy of municipalities like ours. Many in the Wildwood community are opposed to the "Better Together" initiative and believe that local control is necessary to preserve the unique set of values and assets that inspired the formation of the City of Wildwood. We do not want to hand over control of our future to some vast homogenized regional governance envisioned by a few political elites and voted on in a state-wide referendum. With

Who Stole City Hall? The Mayor, if you believe the latest complaint

The City of Wildwood had seen its fair share of novel legal theories as a group of anti-mayor activists have filed over $20,000 in failed ethics complaints. Now comes one of the most novel theories seen to date. It is being presented to the council for consideration by Bill Kennedy, who is known as a political operative and so-called "city founder". I have known Bill for awhile; he gave me an endorsement during my campaign. I am starting to suspect that might have been a one-off. Mr. Kennedy is not a fan of the Mayor and has sent an official complaint to the Wildwood City Council alleging that he has done wrong. The alleged wrongdoing centers around an email sent by the Mayor to residents

Anonymous Hate Speech Continues on Wildwood Social Media

It appears that there is a long-standing fake Jim Bowlin Twitter account. In this one I am the subject of a homophobic tirade inspired by my refusal to be bullied by the anti-mayor clan. This was sent to me shortly after I published a blog post on Wildwood Shenanigans. Shenanigans is an anonymous website that focuses on anti-mayor attacks. Paid for by Steve Taylor

Councilwoman Shea's Unbecoming Conduct - The City of Wildwood suffers from an illness, but there

I am a new member of the Wildwood City Council. I was the original sponsor of the "Free Speech Amendment" that was recently passed unanimously by the council. It ensures that residents can ask direct questions of their council members and the Mayor at Wildwood council meetings. I value the right of people to express their opinions and I will always work to allow greater freedom of speech. Laws give citizens wide latitude in what they can say about public figures. But as an elected official, I believe we should foster speech that is respectful and conducive to the smooth operation of government and a healthy community. On the Wildwood City Council this is not easy. During one meeting I sa

The Slap Heard Throughout Wildwood

At the January 28th, Wildwood City Council meeting there was an incident involving Councilwoman Tammy Shea resulting in police coming to the dais. After a closed session of the Council, members were returning to their seats when Councilwoman Shea passed her own seat and crossed to the opposite end and appears to slap the dais and lean into Councilman Greg Stine to say something. Stine appears to stand up and respond and the police come to the dais. According to Stine, when Councilwoman Shea slapped the table, she stated, "You know what? You're making a giant ass of yourself!" As has been seen before this is how Councilwoman Shea tends to react when votes don't go her way. The video is viewa