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Shea Claims to Be General Bopp Supporter But Voted Against His Being Seated-VIDEO

In the final days of her campaign, recently censured Councilwoman Shea struggles to find relevance. After burning through a set of issues including unsubstantiated claims of sign theft and attempting to have her opponent removed from the ballot, Shea is now trumpeting her support for councilman Bopp, who has been in a dispute with the Mayor as to where he will be seated on the dais. Even though all but one council member sided with Bopp at the Council's last meeting, Shea is attempting to make it sound as if her opponents were not supportive of Bopp. Wildwood Matters is posting video here that shows Council Woman Shea railing against Mayor Bowlin's nomination of councilman Bopp. Shea can

Allegations of Sign Stealing, Candidate Suing City, and a Councilman's Self-Censure Crowd Final

As the City of Wildwood enters the final days of its election season, a whirlwind of accusations, litigation and even self-censure continue to amaze and surprise. A seemingly desperate Shea campaign dug deeper into the mud with unsubstantiated allegations of sign stealing. After stirring a controversy over using a disputed five-year old endorsement, recently censured candidate Tammy Shea made an unsubstantiated claim of the stealing of political signs. When asked by Wildwood Matters to clarify how many signs were stolen and from where, Shea declined comment. Her opponent Dr. Remy, who is an ICU physician at Children's Hospital stated that "I have never stolen a single sign in my life. I ha

Resident Asks to End the Shea-nanigans and Push Reset Button this April 2nd

Dear fellow Wildwood Ward 3 residents, I urge you to get out and make your vote count on April 2nd. If you think it is time for a return to independence and civility, then we in Ward 3 have a real opportunity to hit the reset button with Dr. Remy on the ballot. Wildwood is a great place to live, but lately, we've been beset by political in-fighting that is distracting us from focusing on our community. We also face an existential threat of merger, and we need to be united in defense of our way of life. I believe Dr. Remy's commitment to civility and community-focus is just what we need to move forward. Incumbent Shea represents more of the same in-fighting and distraction. I think we can a

Council Member To-Be Crystal McCune Threatens Retaliation for Political Speech

Crystal McCune, who is running unopposed for a Ward 7 council seat being vacated by Greg Stine, has wasted no time in flexing perceived political muscle by threatening political retaliation against political speech. Ironically, it was on a Dillard for Wildwood Facebook thread where comments were being made regarding a proposed ordinance to protect political speech in WIldwood. Mr. Levit, made a statement critical of some of McCune's political allies. In response McCune suggested that she would actively work to prevent his appointment to any Wildwood Committees. Such committee appointments must be approved by the city council. Even if this is not a violation of actual law, it is nonetheless

Shea Campaign Stumbles with False Charge that Her Opponent is on Ballot "Illegally"

At the Wildwood City Council's March 11th meeting, Councilwoman Tammy Shea claimed that her opponent, Dr. Ken Remy, was on the ballot illegally. She made her allegation at the podium during the public comment period. These claims were definitively dismissed by Dr. Ken Remy with the release of a detailed statement and set of documents. Her comments focused on the claim that the notarization on the signatures "are dated on (sic) month prior to any signature appearing on the pages.". Wildwood residents wanting to run for city council are required to obtain 25 signatures of registered voters in the ward in which they wish to be a candidate. These signatures are to be notarized, turned into th

Taylor and Manton Appointed to Wildwood Preservation Committee as Council Responds to Forced City Co

At its March 11th meeting the Wildwood City Council took action in response the forced merger of St. Louis City and County along with the elimination of City municipalities. First, the City reaffirmed an earlier resolution in opposition to the proposed merger and the loss of local control and amenities this City has prioritized. Second, the City Council approved the Mayor's nomination of eight citizens and two council members to the Wildwood Preservation Committee. The Committee will work to identify assets and resources important to our city, neighborhoods and communities in order to protect them from the prospect of incorporation. Councilmembers Ray Manton, Ward 2 and Steve Taylor, Ward 4

Disgraced Councilwoman Shea Called out For Deception Regarding Endorsement

Dr. Lisa Martino-Taylor today requested that disgraced councilwoman Tammy Shea not use a five-year old endorsement as Shea does not have her permission to do so. Dr. Martino-Taylor does not support Shea's candidacy and is an adamant supporter of Shea's opponent, Dr. Kenneth Remy. Since the original endorsement Shea has been censured by the Wildwood City Council for conduct beneath the dignity of her office. In response to Shea's deception, Dr. Lisa Martino-Taylor released the following statement: "Tammy Shea is well aware that I strongly oppose her candidacy for City Council. Her releasing a five year old endorsement is deceptive and deceitful, yet unsurprisingly characteristic of how she co

Who Is "Liking" Councilwoman Shea's Anonymous Facebook Page?

This post has been updated. The image of Mayor Bowlin that was posted by Councilwoman Shea on her Facebook page has been altered to make it less offensive to some readers. Since this story was posted, Kelley Woerther has removed her likes from the Wildwood Shenanigans. Wildwood Matters commends this action. City of Wildwood Councilwoman, Tammy Shea, was recently censured for behavior beneath the dignity of her office. She is also affiliated with the anonymous website Wildwood Shenanigans. Wildwood Matters recently ran a story on the controversial website and how it is used to spread unsubstantiated rumors. It was also used to post an image of the Mayor's face photo-shopped onto a nude female

Increasingly Bizarre Anti-Mayor Claims Tie Up Council Time; Kennedy claims Mayor graffitied City Hal

Recently Bill Kennedy filed a complaint against the Mayor that included a suggestion that taking a picture of City Hall may constitute theft. If you want to read the story about how Mr. Kennedy claimed that the Mayor stole City Hall by photographing it, just click here. Surprisingly it appears John Gragnani, a councilman for Ward One, wishes to use council time at its March 11th meeting to discuss the supposed merits of Kennedy's allegation. This comes after the last council meeting, when Mr. Gragnani warned the council that he would be watching members' every move if Councilwoman Shea was censured at the February 22nd council meeting. After Gragnani's speech the council did vote to censur

Dr Kenneth Remy Packs Them In at Parkside Grille in Standing Room Only Stop-the-Merger Meeting

At seven o'clock on Tuesday, March 5th, the normally busy Parkside Grille stopped serving, and then got even more busy with a standing room only crowd gathered to hear from regional experts on the dangers of the proposed City-County Merger. Dr. Kenneth Remy who is running for ward 3 Councilman organized the meeting. PHOTO: Standing room only at Remy's Stop the Merger Meeting Not everyone had seats, but the crowd listened intently as three expert anti-merger activists spoke. E. Terrence Jones, Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Public Policy Administration and Dean Emeritus of Arts and Sciences at the University of Missouri-St. Louis spoke about how if approved the merger would remo

Let's Not Point Cameras In People's Faces

If you have been to a meeting at city hall recently you have noticed that there is always at least one camera set up on a tripod to record the proceedings for a certain group. Since it is a public meeting there is nothing illegal or unethical with that. That said, recently a resident stated during public comment period that they did not like being recorded in that manner since it was unclear what the group was using the recordings for. I have also heard this from two other residents. At the time I did not understand that concern given that statements at the podium and dais were livestreamed anyway. But at the last candidate debate it was clear that at times during the evening the organizatio

EPA in Wildwood? Resident's Inquiry Leads to Release of City Documents

New Freedom of Speech rules recently passed by the Wildwood City Council has paid dividends. A question by a resident concerned with EPA sites in Wildwood prompted the release of related "white papers" to the public. At the Wildwood City Council's February 11th meeting, Mr. Tebbe, an informed and engaged Wildwood resident, brought forth questions regarding what he referred to as the "black eye" of Wildwood. He was referring to the former Russell Bliss hazardous waste dumping sites within the City of WIldwood. Using the new rules afforded by the Freedom of Speech Act, Mr. Tebbe made a direct inquiry of councilmembers Katie Dodwell and Steve Taylor. Both shared Tebbe's concern, and their resp

Statement on St. Louis County's Decision not to Prosecute Councilman Woerther and the Possibilit

The following is a statement from Steve Taylor, Councilman 4th Ward, City of Wildwood" "St. Louis County has finished its investigation into what were possible violations of the law by Councilman Woerther. "It has been concluded that the actions lacked 'criminal intent' and thus there will be no prosecution of defendant Councilman Woerther. "I was initially, and continue to be concerned with the actions of Councilman Woerther regarding the taking of a city document from City Hall and then admittedly destroying it. That said, the County prosecutor believes there was a lack of evidence of criminal intent and I wholeheartedly accept their professional decision on the matter. "Given the result