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State Rep DeGroot Releases Statement Regarding Passing of Wildwood Councilman Ray Manton

Yesterday was Ray Manton's memorial service at Holy Cross Cemetery. It was a moving tribute to a man who has given so much to his family and community. The service was well attended including a police escort to Holy Cross. State Representative has released the following statement regarding Mr. Manton: "Earlier last week, Rep. DeGroot learned that Wildwood councilman Ray Manton passed away. Rep. DeGroot will remember Manton as a dedicated public servant. The two worked together on a number of road infrastructure issues in the past years. The following is an excerpt from his obituary: Raymond Manton was an extraordinary man of character—a deeply devoted family man, brilliant mind, successful

Brost Self-Funds as Hudson Cashes in From Anti-Mayor Group for June 4th Special Election

April's municipal election was a call for change as a coalition of anti-mayor candidates were soundly defeated. Ken Remy gained a ward 3 seat by defeating censured, staunch anti-mayor council member Tammy Shea with stunning 77 % of the vote. Lauren Edens won her Ward 2 seat by winning 69 % of the vote in a contest against Tony Salvatore, who is a perennial foe of the Bowlin administration. Moreover, Katie Dodwell handily defeated challenger Jean Vedvig, who had also planted her flag in the anti-mayor camp. Dodwell captured an impressive 58 % of the vote. Joe Garritano smashed his anti-mayor opponent with a whopping 88 % to retain his ward eight seat. Now in a closely watched special elec

Special Election- JUNE 4th! Candidate Letters

Since April's contest resulted in a tie between candidates Larry Brost and David Hudson, Ward One is having a special election on June 4th! Wildwood Matters invited both candidates to submit letters regarding the upcoming election. Mr. Hudson requested that a link be provided to his response to Westnews Magazine. Below is Candidate Larry Brost's letter. It describes his qualifications, priorities if elected as well as what he describes as intentional misrepresentation by the Hudson campaign. . Dear Neighbor, During the last election Ward One had a tie! I and my opponent received the exact same number of votes. Now in order to break that tie there will be a special election on June 4th. I

Tony Messenger to Receive City Proclamation May 13th; Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter tells Wildwood

On Monday, May 13th at the regular Wildwood City Council meeting, St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter and Wildwood resident, Tony Messenger, will be recognized with a proclamation recognizing the singular distinction of having won the Pulitzer Prize. Mr. Messenger is a resident of Wildwood's 4th ward. On April 16th, he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for commentary for a series of columns on Missouri's debtor prisons. Messenger has been the metro columnist for the Post-Dispatch since 2015 and has been working at the paper in numerous roles since 2008. According to the Post-Dispatch, "this is at least the fifth honor for Messenger's work on the judicial system." As well as taking on Missouri's ju

Request by New Council Members for Private Orientation Rebuffed by Council Member Stephens; He plans

Maybe you can recall a time when you were starting a new job. You may have had a few questions that you didn't want to broadcast. Thankfully, there is often a space for such inquiry. Generally, orientation is a time for new members of a team to get questions out of the way without embarrassment. Monday before the council's work session, orientation for the new members of the Wildwood City council will take place. In an email to the council (which is public record) newly-elected Dr. Kenneth Remy sent a request on behalf of new council members suggesting that the orientation be held in a private setting. Hello Fellow City leaders, At 515 there will be a new council orientation with city staff

Better Together Petition Withdrawn!! But we must remain vigilant.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that Better Together's petition to put the forced merger on the ballot has been withdrawn! This is happening after unremitting opposition by residents of the St. Louis region, the advance of opposing legislation in the Missouri State legislature and the federal indictment of former County Executive, Steve Stenger, who was critical to the original pro-merger team. Although this is reason to celebrate, in particular since so much money and influence was lining up against municipalities and local control, we must stay strong! For Wildwood in particular it means that we will be able to maintain control over our zoning, parks, trails and more! As a Wildwoo

For Wildwood Residents It is Back to Single Stream Recylcing; New Hauler Starts 8/1/19

After much back and forth about single stream and dual stream recycling services, Wildwood Residents will be again be using single stream recycling as a contract with a new waste hauler, Waste Connections, begins on the first on the first of August. The additional fiber waste bins will be taken off of residents hands after regular pickup, the week of July 29th. Stay tuned for further details. Along with the return of single-stream comes a reduction in rates from $17.20/month to $16.05 / month. Optional yard waste will remain at $10.30 / month. The current 15 % senior discount will be retained. Paid for by Steve Taylor