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After Stunning Election Loss Woerther Triples Down on Shenanigans

After a stunning defeat in the April elections including a special election loss by the Woerther-Kennedy-Shea faction, the infamous Shenanigans site is actually paying for facebook ads promoting cartoons of Council Members, Garitano, Brost, Taylor and Mayor Bowlin. Kelly Woerther, wife of Councilman Woerther, continues to encourage such activity by liking the post. Image: It appears Wildwood Shenanigans is now sponsoring ads. Image: It appears Kelly Woerther , wife of CM Woerther, continues to encourage it. Wildwood deserves better from some who claim to serve the city. "Who has such time on their hands for all this silliness," queried Joe Garitano. Paid for by Steve Taylor

Council Member Dillard Responds To WWM Story

Councilman Dillard has made good on his commitment to provide a response to Wildwood Matter's story that referenced his running a Federal PAC. Wildwood Matters is committed to honesty, accuracy and openness and is encouraged by Councilman Dillard's willingness to provide his perspective on the WWM blog. CM Dillard's response is as follows: Recently, Council Member Taylor published here an editorial calling me “Pac-Man: Kevin Dillard, Who Trashed Nominee Because of PAC Allegations Was Himself a Federal PAC Officer First, for context, I did not “trash” Mikel Garrett. A review of the livestream will find me, and others who had various concerns about his views, calmly argue that we should wait

Former Mayor Who Supported LED Signs Reopens Debate after They Were Soundly Defeated Years Before

We can call it sign gate. There has been a lot of back and forth on whether Woerther supports LED signs and what he actually said in Monday's P and Z meeting. There have been annotated, cut up videos, attempting to show he did not support the signs but was merely talking about including them in the current review of sign ordinances. WWM is providing the entire exchange below, which ends with the statement by Woerther that the commission should keep "an open mind" regarding them. The context surrounding the remarks is that the adoption of LED signs was soundly defeated in years prior, when CM Tim Woerther was mayor. He had voted twice for their adoption in 2015. Both attempts failed and th

Guest Commentary: PACs Are Less Important Than Addressing Lingering Animosity

A Political Action Committee (PAC) is a legally allowable, registered entity that allows a group of individuals to pool their financial contributions to support candidates who favor their shared cause. There is nothing inherently inappropriate about PACs. However, not every PAC is created or leveraged equally. And while a particular PAC may be technically allowable, its legal status does not mean it is necessarily appropriate or good for Wildwood. This is the crux of a controversy in Wildwood over the last couple of election cycles and that continues to plague our city. Some residents, formerly seated officials, and seated officials believe that a particular PAC, namely Progress for Wildwood

Documents Show Woerther Votes in Favor of Electronic Signs

After 7 Ward Councilman Tim Woerther suggested that ordinances of electronic signs should be considered at the June 18th, Planning and Zoning meeting there was a whirlwind of debate over whether he had voted for them in the past. Wildwood Matters has obtained voting records that show Woerther voting to allow electronic signs on P&Z as Mayor on 11/16/15 and with some restriction on 12/7/15. Both motions failed. CLICK HERE FOR PDF Paid for by Steve Taylor

PACs are Nothing New in Wildwood: Citizens for Wildwood Political Action Committee operated from Apr

Political Action Committees, (PACs) are political organizations that can spend donations in ways that candidates themselves cannot. They are legal, constitutionally-protected and often despised. A brief look at Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC) filings shows that the use of PACs is not new in Wildwood and have been supported by so-called founders, including Council Member John Gragnani. During Wildwood's 2018 municipal election, the Progress for Wildwood PAC was a favorite punching bag for a group of candidates. I was a critic. I ran a self-funded campaign and wrote often about how my candidate was supported by PAC money and as such I promised not to be beholden to a particular group. Even th

Pac-Man: Kevin Dillard Who Trashed Nominee Because of PAC Allegations Was Himself a Federal PAC Offi

Kevin Dillard, Councilman for Wildwood's 3rd Ward has been talking a lot about the evils of political action committees (PACs) lately, but it appears he has experience in running one himself. On Monday Dillard stirred controversy by voting against the nomination of Michael Garrett to replace recently-deceased Ray Manton for the open 2nd Ward seat. Garrett has served for over 20 years as a volunteer for the City and currently serves as chair of the Board of Adjustment. At Monday's meeting there was a steady stream of residents who spoke in favor of Mr. Garrett's nomination during public comment. No one spoke in opposition. Council Member Lauren Edens who also represents Ward 2, had asked the

Unconscionable! Woerther Faction Obstructs Filling Seat of the Late Ray Manton; Rejects Councilman&#

The night's highlight was representative DeGroot presenting a resolution by the Missouri House of Representatives honoring the life and service of the late Ward 2 Councilman Ray Manton who died in office last month. The low point is hard to sort out as a group of anti-mayor obstructionists added to their 75% rejection rate of appointees volunteering to serve the city. Monday, many council members expressed shock over the rejection of the nomination of Mikel Garrett to Manton's seat; especially given Garrett's 12 years of volunteer service to the city and Manton himself having confided prior to his death to two council members that Garrett would be a preferred replacement. Since the nomina

Can Wildwood Avoid the Drama to Fill a Vacant Seat?

During the recent elections, both general and special there has been a call for greater civility and less obstructionism. Candidates supported by the Woerther-Kennedy-Shea (WKS) faction lost by wide margins reaching up to 88 percent for Joe Garitano. In part, this can be attributed to the drama our residents have had to endure during city council meetings. It has been so constant and tragic that even Dante or even Euripides would have cried "uncle". At times the WKS faction has been so driven to scandalize, that even where a member is seated on the Dais has been blown into controversy! Last year, it took months and no less than four nominees to fill a sixth ward six that was vacated by Gr

Wildwood City Attorney, John Young, Gives Talk to Missouri Municipal League

Wildwood has a tremendous professional staff, including our city attorney John Young. This is not only our opinion, but that of the Missouri Municipal League, which had him speak at its annual meeting in Columbia. Photo by Council Member Laura Edens Mr Young, a partner at Hamilton Weber, LLC gave his lecture Conducting City Business- Ordinances, Resolutions, Motions & Parliamentary Procedure on May, 7th. It should also be noted that Wildwood City Council Member, Joe Garitano was appointed to serve on the Missouri Municipal Leagues' board of directors earlier this year. Paid for by Steve Taylor

Brost Pulls Away From Hudson with a 60 to 40 Win in Special Election

This time it was the furthest thing from a tie. Larry Brost defeated David Hudson with a 60 to 40 margin in a special election held to decide the first tie for a city council seat in Wildwood history. In a special election that saw a greater turnout than the original, Brost clearly added votes to his margin, while Hudson did not move the special-election needle. (Photo: Watch Party at Parkside Grill June 4th.) While a strong Brost ground game was seen by many as a key to his success, such a wide margin of victory was attributed by some to a drag on Hudson by his association with the Woerther-Kennedy-Shea faction that saw similar margins of defeat with candidates they supported during the ge

Anti-Humor Activists Handed Major Set-Back as Levity Returns to Wildwood City Hall; We have the audi

Trash delivery, creek erosion, loss of a city administrator, and the censure of a council member are all serious issues that the Wildwood City Council has dealt with recently. At times it can seem grim. But nothing is as grim as not having a sense of humor or seeking to scandalize those who do. As WWM readers may recall, before the April municipal elections there was an oppressive coalition of knee-jerk, contrarian council members whose anti-mayor rhetoric had reached such humorless levels that even levity became controversial. There was even a suggestion that a councilman was risking censure with unauthorized jocularity But as Mark Twain one observed "against the assault of laughter noth