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In Lightning Online Poll 99 percent of Wildwood Residents Prefer Protecting Resident Data Within Con

It is not a scientific poll, but a lightning one on WWM that lasted about 24 hours. The result is that there was a fair amount of interest shown in securing residents emails and other electronic information. With 68 respondents in just over 24 hours, 99 percent preferred protecting resident data within the constraints of Missouri's Sunshine Law to giving out residents data. Paid for by Steve Taylor

Council Member Crystal McCune Demands Names of Residents Who Complained About City's Privacy Pol

Most Wildwood City residents expect a modicum of privacy and security regarding their electronic communications. Many would be surprised that any email they send to their council representative, city employee or mayor are considered public record according to Missouri's Sunshine Law, and are available by request to anyone, including businesses, spammers and others with possible ill-intent. This would include lists of email addresses for such things as new residents, recipients of the city's electronic newsletters, and virtually any and likely all other communications with the city. During the July 24th Wildwood City Council meeting, Council Member Steve Taylor made a motion to explore prote

One Ward 8 Council Member Talks Trash, the Other Takes Care of It for Residents

Councilman Joe "Get It Done" Garritano If you live in Wildwood you know that the transition from Meridian to Waste Connections has been confusing and at times frustrating for residents. Meridian, which lost its contract for Wildwood was scheduled to pick up its old waste containers, and city hall was being over run with complaints. "I was at home and I thought about all the frustration and I thought, you know I could rent a truck and take care of some of my neighbors," said Joe Garritano, a councilman for ward 8. Joe, did just that and picked up over one hundred orphaned containers and strategically placed them at city hall for Meridian to pick up. IMAGE: Joe Garritano's Facebook Page Anothe

Environmentalist Roger Taylor was Commemorated with First Wildwood Memorial Bench

While cleaning my office I ran across an old West Newsmagazine story that someone actually was kind enough to clip and send to me in the mail after my father passed in 2010. It is about how the city council had voted to authorize the first memorial city park bench in honor of Roger Taylor (my father) who was a lifelong environmentalist who worked to preserve among other things the rivers and streams in the region. Here is a link to the article. Paid for by Steve Taylor