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Wildwood Matters Story Picked Up by Nationally Recognized Author

Wildwood politics is known for being getting a bit hurley burley from time to time. And there are many blogs built around Wildwood politics. Many of them are anonymous and few delve into elaborate conspiracy theories about sub rosa attempts to improperly delay committee meetings several days. That's in part the great thing about the internet. It democratizes expression to an extent, and I am certain that some of the postings here have at times seemed arcane. Today it came to be known that a nationally recognized author, Mitchel Cohen, republished a story originally on WIldwood Matters. His book The Fight Against Monsanto Roundup is published by Simon and Shuster. It is a nice mention t

Steve Cross Double Cross: Woerther Sandbags Long-Time Treasurer in Surprise Vote Against Reappoint

In a whiplash inducing move Council Member Tim Woerther reversed himself by opposing the reappointment of City Treasurer Steve Cross. Woerther had vociferously accused the Mayor of planning not to reappoint Mr. Cross months prior. At a January special meeting CM Woerther threatened to violate the charter in order to prevent the Mayor from appointing Steve Cross to the co-interim city administrator position after the resignation of then City Administrator Ryan Thomas. The debate was so heated that in one instance a city document was taken home and destroyed leading into an investigation of CM Woerther. Woerther was so vociferous and adamant that the Mayor could not be trusted when he promis

In New Book, Wildwood's Dioxin Past Continues to Inform; A new generation grapples with hard to

It's been decades since the controversial Times Beach incinerator was dismantled, but the research of Times Beach Action Group (TBAG) continues to find its way into academic and trade publications. Many Wildwood residents are too young to remember the infamous Times Beach saga of the 1980s, and the controversial incineration of dioxin and PCB-contaminated waste from 27 Eastern Missouri sites in the 1990s. TBAG's research surrounding the Eureka-based incinerator is still being used today. The most recent example is a Mitchel Cohen's new book, The Fight Against Monsanto's Roundup, available through Simon and Shuster. Although TBAG did not research Roundup or take a position in the debate surr