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Complaints Dismissed by Attorney General- Woerther Fails to Convince

There is an old saying, that like mushrooms, rumors grow in the dark. And there have been several rumors sprouting around town that the city of Wildwood has been under investigation by the Attorney General's office. Through the Missouri Sunshine Act, WWM has obtained thirty-seven pages of documents that sheds some light on that fungus. Its important to know that not all ethics-related complaints are viable, and not all complaints are dealt with by the same body. Complaints that accuse someone of violating rules defined in City ordinances, and accusations of offenses against the city's charter are handled by Wildwood's own Ethics Board. Over $20,000 dollars of such complaints have been fil

Site Claiming to Uphold Ethics Seems to Hide Behind Fake Address

Groundless accusations and frivolous complaints are epidemic in Wildwood. The Attorney General's office recently closed the books on and took no action on numerous complaints that were filed along with over $20,000 dollars worth of failed accusations before the City ethics board. Most, if not all of these complaints came from a group of individuals dead- set on embarrassing a Mayor they do not like. But since these attempts began, that group's political fortunes have soured with defeat after defeat in the polls and the official censure of one of their most outspoken gadflies, former council member Tammy Shea. Shea's association with a controversial and anonymous Facebook page, Wildwood Shena