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Bowlin Campaign for Mayor Posts Record Breaking Numbers

In its January Report, Mayor Jim Bowlin's campaign for re-election set a new record for a Wildwood Mayoral race. According to the MEC report, the Bowlin Campaign has over $5,600 cash on hand, with slightly over $11,254 in total receipts for this election so far. (IMAGE: Jim Bowlin - City Photo) . In comparison, former Mayor's Ed Marshall and Tim Woerther raised just over $4,000 during their campaigns. Since Wildwood has its own campaign rule that sets a limit of $325 per individual, the Mayor noted that the new record reflected broad support for his campaign and accomplishments as Mayor. "The depth of support from so many residents for the first time in our history is likely the result of li

BREAKING: Ellisville Councilman Dumps "REDACTED" Santa Doc; Claims "no privileged in

Claiming that things "are subject to change anytime" and that "you see it all the time on TV with the black bars", Ellisville Councilman, Steve "Christmas," shared what some are saying was sensitive information about official Christmas Eve activities. The document share happened during a december, 10th interview responding to a claim by WIldwood Councilman, Joe Garritano, that Santa stopped in Wildwood prior to visiting the adjacent community of Ellisville. In an interview about concerns that the holiday mission may have been compromised, a reliable source at Metro West Fire Protection District, speaking on the condition of anonymity, stated that although some might question the appropriate

Gragnani Controversy Compounded by Campaign Cash

(Image: Screen Shot from West Newsmagazine Website) Political intrigue is often about undue influence, and in a recent story, West Newsmagazine's cup runneth over. In his December 5th story, West News reporter, Jeffrey Bricker, details how a long and drawn out dispute over a private water feature cost Wildwood taxpayers thousands of dollars was settled, for the time being, at the last planning and zoning meeting. The dispute over Tom and Karen Robert's waterfall has wended its way through years of debate and testing (all of which has shown the water safe) at the behest of their neighbors David and Diane Hudson who claimed that Diane suffered numerous health effects from the water. In his