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Suburban Sprawl and Wildwood; What the Numbers Say

The 1995 incorporation of the City of Wildwood was in large part intended to be a check against suburban sprawl. Commitment to parks, trails and the preservation of watersheds, creeks and trees is one of the founding principles of Wildwood. Even the city's charter spells out a commitment to the environment and places zoning as the most sacrosanct duty of its elected officials. SHOCKING DEVELOPMENT Recent building projects have caused some residents to question the city's commitment to low density zoning. In particular, the Villages at Bright Leaf subdivision project has been concerning for some residents. Visible from route 100, the loss of trees to higher density housing has been a shock

Wildwood's Withering Anti-Mayor Coalition Fields Only One Candidate; Shea Supporter Runs Against

Wildwood has had more than its fair share of political acrimony. Anonymous facebook pages have flooded cyberspace with all manner of conspiracy theories and unsubstantiated claims, while a fractious group of anti-mayor activists have filed tens of thousands of dollars in fruitless ethics complaints. But a series of major political defeats seems to have dampened the political enthusiasm of anti-mayor campaigners. When filing for the 2020 municipal election closed January 21, five anti-mayor incumbents opted not to seek re-election to their council seats. As filing closed on January 21st, John Gragnani (Ward 1), Kevin Dillard (Ward 3), Cheryl Jordan (Ward 6), Tim Woerther (Ward 7) and Niles