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Wildwood City Council Votes to Adopt Emergency Resolution; Four council members voted against the pu

At its March 23rd Meeting, the Wildwood City Council voted to institute an Emergency Resolution allowing the City Administrator and Mayor to take necessary measures for the health and safety of residents and wellbeing of businesses. Underscoring the need for extraordinary measures, the meeting Monday night was conducted with some council members joining the meeting via video. Resolution # 2020-11 brought into alignment Wildwood's emergency operations with St. Louis County's State of Emergency Executive Order of March 9, 2020. The resolution reaffirmed that council members may be able to meet via video, set certain meeting guidelines for public meetings and authorized the Mayor and City admin

West Newsmagazine to Suspend Print Publication to Abide by "Stay at Home" and "Socia

According to a missive sent today by Tim Weber, publisher of West Newsmagazine and Mid Rivers Newsmagazine , the Network will not be publishing an April 8, 2020 print addition. The letter read in part: "Due to the "Stay at Home" and Social Distancing guidelines issued by our local governments and health authorities, West Newsmagazine and Mid Rivers Newsmagazine will not publish an April 8, 2020 print edition. We hope to resume our normal publication schedule on April 22. "These decisions are never easy ones. Our primary concern is with the health and well-being of our staff, our readers and our advertising partners. We are a local business, so we deeply feel the concerns brought on by th

Stephen's Lack of Education is Least of Wildwood Resident's Concern- Kate Vakalapudi Respond

In his March 6th, editorial, Mr. Portscheller makes a solid argument in defense of Mr. Stephens: a college education is neither prerequisite to the job of mayor nor essential to being a good government leader. I agree. We should instead focus on a candidate’s ability to lead, represent their constituents, understand the issues, and make wise decisions. Where was Niles’ leadership with route 109 improvements? Other council members pointed out the improvements were a matter of public safety and forward-thinking. Niles showed little concern for residents and took aim at developers for “making this a needed project” suggesting residents sit at a traffic light “for another couple of years and be

Bowlin Supporter Cautions that Stephen's Lack of Educational Status is not Fair Game; Calls for

The 2020 campaign cycle for local offices is well underway, and so far, when compared to our recent past, discourse on social media has been fairly tame. Good for all of us! This is not to say we haven't called each other out and spun stories to our side's advantage, but that is the nature of campaigning, right? As we approach the final days before the election, I want to remind everyone to 'keep it classy'. That said, one trend I hope doesn't get out of hand as April 7th approaches is the propensity of some to disparage Mr. Stephens for his spelling, grammar, and lack of a college degree. While I do not support Mr. Stephens' bid for mayor, I believe he is essentially a good, civic-minded pe

BLOCK GATE - What is the Law Anyway?

YOU, like I, perhaps have read the ongoing tete-a-tete revealing itself in the pages of Facebook. Like many posts, the Wildwood skirmishes may also be duplicated on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and even perhaps VK in Europe and even on Sina Weibo in China. For those not up to date on the vacillating bouts in Wildwood Politics. In one corner is Bow-Tie Bowlin (Wildwood Mayor Jim Bowlin, who has either attempted to make wildwood politics more accessible to the masses, or more restrictive, depending on who you talk to.) In the other corner are City Council Members Woerther and Dillard. The Woerther / Dillard corner is a bit crowded, as both their wives have decided to be vocal and speak on

Wildwood Councilman and Mayoral Candidate Stephens Admits to Deleting Opposing Viewpoints on His Sit

Elections are about the debate of ideas. It is sometimes uncomfortable, and it may be hard and a candidate or their supporter may be feel ganged up on by those who disagree with their platform. It appears that that candidate Stephen's has felt enough of that heat and has said that he will delete comments from his site. On March second, after numerous posts challenging Stephen's position on various issues, the candidate stated that he would delete such posts disagreeing with his ideas about city governance. He reasoned that such disagreements were "used to campaign for other people". Democracy is difficult. But as a candidate, deleting posts on your official site because they disagree with