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Former Councilman LeMay Calls For End to Revenge Politics on June 2nd

On June 2, the City of Wildwood will elect its Mayor for the next four years. I believe Mayor Bowlin deserves your support for another term. I base this conclusion on the accomplishments of Mayor Bowlin during his first term and some significant missteps by his challenger, Mr. Stephens. One of Stephens’ serious mistakes was his handling of the City email list. His email to me and 1600+ others on February 28, 2019 was sent on the CITY SERVER and concluded with PAID FOR BY NILES STEPHENS. The use of the City email list was never intended to serve as a platform for an elected official and should not be used to spam residents. This one example demonstrates the lack of professionalism by Mr.

Candidate Niles Stephens Refuses to Denounce Ethnic Slur, "listen to Goombah Joe..."

Wildwood Mayoral candidate Niles Stephens has declined to denounce an ethnic slur directed at a Wildwood councilman made by a vocal advocate and campaigner for Stephens' election bid. Bill Kennedy, a former councilman and a vocal supporter of the Stephen's campaign posted as part of a diatribe to the Dillard for Wildwood Facebook page, "And listen to Goombah Joe, the 'Bowlin Made Man' from Brooklyn, because he alone has all the answers." Excerpt From Kennedy's 5/21 Post on Dillard for Wildwood FB Page Joe Garritano, is a Ward 8 councilman of Italian-American heritage originally from Brooklyn, New York. Garritano won re-election to his seat with an 90 to 10 margin in 2019, and is known for

Stephens Flip Flops on Free Speech in Desperate Campaign Tactic

As June 2nd municipal elections near, the Stephen's campaign for Mayor has ping-ponged furiously between issues that have largely failed to gain traction. But now weeks prior the election, Stephens seems to have settled on a strategy of raging against the very city that he hopes to lead. Stephens, who is currently a Ward 8 councilman, even filed a complaint with St. Louis County that among other things, the city did not have enough hand sanitizer at a council meeting during the early days of the pandemic. In his most recent rant, Stephens includes bits and pieces of disjointed information from a legal suit that has been filed by Tony Salvatore against the city of Wildwood. He vehemently dec

Sunshine Request Outs Councilman Tattling On His Own City; Stephens opposed privacy reforms.

Niles Stephens is a Wildwood City Councilman and he is running for Mayor. He also seems to have been seeking sanctions against his own city during an unprecedented crisis. During the pandemic his opponent, Mayor Jim Bowlin brought high speed internet to remote regions so students can do their schoolwork from home. He has allowed Wildwood City parks to remain open while closing some adjacent parking lots to help keep proper social-distancing. As Mayors everywhere walk a tightrope of civil liberties and public health concerns, Bowlin's decisions have been under heavy scrutiny. But, councilman Niles Stephens would also strive to have a hand in the city navigating this health crisis, albeit