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Radiation Expert to Join THE BLUE to Discuss Cold War Baby Teeth from Tyson Research Center Bunker

UPDATED WITH LINK TO EPISODE AVAILABLE HERE. National Archive Video Epidemiologist, Joe Mangano with the group Radiation and Public Health is a researcher, author and caretaker of around 85,000 Cold War Era baby teeth left over from a Washington University study that helped end open-air testing of nuclear weapons. The teeth, which originally were 320,000 in number, were discovered in a bunker at the Tyson Research Facility and subsequently donated to Mangano and his organization for research purposes by Washington University. He is now working with Harvard University to electronically index the teeth for health studies by Harvard University and other research teams. Joe Mangano will be joini

Wildwood Councilmember McCune Resigns Under Protest from Home Owners Association

Home Owners Associations abound in Wildwood. They are often the first stop for those who may be seeking to serve on a Wildwood Committee or the Wildwood City Council. So it is with Wildwood Councilmember Crystal McCune. Prior to running unopposed for a Ward Seven Council seat, McCune served as Chair of the Lake Chesterfield Homeowners Association, a position that according to minutes posted on the association's website, she resigned on June 21st, 2020. According to minutes of the association's meetings, McCune appears to have presented of a confidentiality agreement to the board around the time of her resignation. Link to PDF of June 18th minutes. Link to PDF of July 14th minutes. According

Two Missouri Astronomers Helped Find Our Place in the Heavens

Astronomer Copernicus, or Conversations with God 1873 By Majeko It was one of astronomy's harshest lessons when 16th century astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus revealed that Earth and human kind do not enjoy a privileged place in the cosmos. Ever since the original Copernican Revolution that put the Sun at the center of our solar system not Earth, our planet has continued to be shone in an increasingly diminutive light when it comes to its station in the cosmos. As Missourians though, we may find consolation that using a biographical measure we are still special astronomically speaking. Missouri was the birthplace of two famous astronomers, and since Copernicus none have done more to help human