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Wildwood Mayor Attempts to Divert, Postpone or Possibly even Sink "Free Speech Amendment"

A nervous Mayor of Wildwood seeks to divert, postpone or possibly sink a so-called "Free Speech Amendment" that would allow residents to direct questions to their elected officials at public meetings. Recently an amendment that would roll back rules set in place by the Mayor that limits resident interaction with officials at Wildwood meetings was passed by a standing committee. Per the City Administrator, the legislation was on its way before the council at its next meeting, but the legislation has been diverted by the Mayor for seemingly capricious reasons that include his vacationing. Now the Mayor claims the "Free Speech Amendment" might be "out of order". Steve Taylor, the author of the "Free Speech Amendment", has sent a memo to the Mayor, City Council and City Attorney outlining the events and requesting that the amendment be given a fair hearing.

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