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Wildwood City Council End Runs Mayor and Votes Unanimously to Advance the "Free Speech Amendme

On September 24, after the Mayor of Wildwood attempted to prevent even the discussion of the "Free Speech Amendment", the Wildwood City Council made an end run around Mayor Bowlin and voted unanimously to place the amendment on the agenda for first reading at the next Council Agenda. The Mayor had denied numerous requests to place the amendment, which had been passed by a standing committee, on the city agenda ostensibly because he was on vacation. The Mayor, who's rules preventing questions to city officials would be rolled back, also claimed in an email that the amendment may be "out of order", a claim that was challenged by Taylor during his comments.

Having been prevented from speaking from the Dais by the Mayor, council member and author of the amendment, Steve Taylor spoke during the public speaking section of the meeting explaining how the Mayor had diverted the amendment that would role back his rules preventing residents from asking questions of their elected officials during public meetings.

During his statement, Taylor detailed how the Mayor had attempted to place unnecessary hurdles in front of the legislation designed to role back rules put in place by the Mayor that prevents residents from asking questions of elected officials.

In a striking show of support for normal procedure the Council voted 16 to 0 to buck the Mayor and send the "Freedom of Speech Amendment" to the 10/8 Council Agenda for first reading.

"It is humbling, and I am cautiously optimistic that we will get this legislation across the final finish line soon," said Taylor.

UPDATE: West Newsmagazine has published a story on the "Free Speech Amendments" scheduled first reading.

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