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Wildwood Council Passes "Free Speech Amendment" with a 12 to 4 Vote

With a 12 to 4 vote, the Wildwood City Council passed legislation spearheaded by Councilman Taylor that allows residents to ask direct questions of their city representatives this Monday. After having received an unusual amount of media coverage for a municipal code change, including a front-page story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the city council defeated attempts to strip language from the bill and passed it in its original form.

The new code allows for residents to ask a direct question of the Council or Mayor and for the same to give a brief response if they desire. The bill also prevents a Mayor from cutting off comments they may deem as irrelevant or repetitive during the speaker's allotted time.

"This is a great victory for the residents of Wildwood," said Taylor who sponsored the legislation. "It is really a new day for Wildwood residents who wish to be allowed to have a more substantial and organic interaction with their government."

"This is a great story for Wildwood as we are leading the way as a city in promoting speech and representative government," Taylor concluded.

Note: You can watch the debate on this link. The "Free Speech Amendment" discussion starts at about 2:57 into the video.

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