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Mayor Vetos Free Speech Amendment / Over ride fails by one vote

As one 70's rock band once opined, "I'm caught on a crazy roundabout", which is a sentiment fitting for many who watched the popular "Free Speech Amendment" be vetoed by Mayor Bowlin over a technical concern, then watched a veto over ride requiring a 2/3 majority fail by a single vote and then watch a motion passed to send the bill back to committee to review a sentence that had been debated previously and approved by the entire council.

"In the end the bill as written had much more support than not, but we failed to get the two-thirds needed to over ride the veto," said Steve Taylor who has spearheaded the bill. "It would have been much more responsible to address the technical issue as a separate issue in committee rather than vetoing the entire "Free Speech Amendment".

"Now that the entire bill is back to committee because of a technical concern over a single sentence, I am concerned that its final adoption is less likely," Said Taylor. "I am though hoping that the committee will do as they were charged last night and address the technical issue in short order and return the bill to council for a final-final passage."

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