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Free Speech Amendment Passes Committee with Unanimous Vote and Heads Back to Wildwood City Council

The Free Speech Amendment (FSA), spearheaded by councilman Taylor was passed by the Wildwood City Council last October. But Mayor Bowlin vetoed the FSA because of concerns over a sentence in the measure that allowed the City Council to set rules on a per meeting basis. A subsequent veto override attempt failed by one vote and the FSA was subsequently sent back to committee to be revised.

After several minor revisions that included allowing residents to state their ward as opposed to their address at the podium, as well as removing the sentence that inspired the mayor's veto, the Administration and Public Works Committee voted unanimously to approve the amended language and send the FSA back to the full council. The measure is expected to be before the council for first reading on Jan 14th.

"The revised language preserves the heart and soul of the free speech amendment, which is the ability of a resident to make a direct inquiry of Council Members or the Mayor and to receive a short response if the official has one to give," stated Steve Taylor who has been the bill's champion.

"I am optimistic that this popular piece of legislation will pass the the Council and be signed by the Mayor," stated Taylor. "It is a good example of how healthy debate and compromise can accomplish good things for our city."

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