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Potential Criminal Conduct by Councilman Woerther Referred to Law Enforcement

In a surprising announcement by Co-Interim City Administrators Joe Vujnich and Steve Cross, who were just appointed at the January 7th City Council meeting, the Council has been informed that one of its members may have violated the law by removing and destroying a document .

According to the letter, Councilman Woerther admitted to removing the original document from the City Hall and that he "disposed" of it at his home.

The document was produced when Mayor Bowlin formally requested, as per ordinance, that he make an official hand written request to override the Mayor's veto of what some believed to be a bill that exceeded the Council's authority. The note was written with the assistance of the City Clerk who supplied a notepad and pen.

The note, which is authorized by the ordinance, was probably being requested by the Mayor because an override of the veto could be seen as a possible violation of the Charter itself.

Regardless of the intent behind its creation, the City Attorney was informed of its loss by the City Secretary and Mayor.

"I was shocked to see this," said Councilman Taylor. "If true, the fact that Mr. Woerther's wife has helped to author thousands of dollars of frivolous ethics complaints lends a certain irony to this alleged transgression that is hard to ignore."

"I have officially requested that this issue be placed before the Council," said Taylor. "It would be no laughing matter if a city document was spirited away for destruction by someone it could embarrass."

"Whether Mr. Woerther should be prosecuted is not the question the Council will deliberate, and I am not sure if that is an appropriate remedy," stated Taylor. "It is clear though that there needs to be some recognition that this is not acceptable and I think some form of censure would accomplish that."

To see the letter yourself, click this link.

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