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Bill Kennedy and the Art of the Flip Flop

It is interesting how former Councilman and political operative Bill Kennedy can move from ingratiating political endorsement when he thinks he controls your vote, to bizarre personal attacks when he realizes you won't yield to his will.

Here he is supporting my race after the League of Women Voters' debate. I guess he believed I would always agree with him. He more than once expressed that what he really wants is a few more council members. We assume that means in his pocket.

Below he is calling me an "uneducated nutty professor who jumped into bed with a corrupt administration" after I publicly disagreed about the merit of the nearly $30,000 in failed ethics committee filings that he and his allies made.

Ok, I teach mathematics for several universities and a college so maybe I am nutty to involve myself in politics, but uneducated?

NOTE and is scheduled to run a profile on political bullying and groupthink in Wildwood soon.

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