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Controversial Council Member Tammy Shea Faces Censure for Second Time

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

PHOTO: Councilwoman Shea is brushed off by St. Louis County Police from a confrontation with Councilman Greg Stine at a recent city council meeting.

For the second time, the Wildwood City Council will consider a resolution of censure of Councilwoman Tammy Shea. The first was drafted after an April 9, 2018 Wildwood City Council meeting. The resolution was brought forward after a number of city employees, including former City Administrator Ryan Thomas, had filed complaints regarding Shea's behavior.

In an April 11th report, West Newsmagazine conveyed, "According to McGowen, the council has received multiple complaints since early 2018 from eight city staff members concerning Shea's actions and citing instances of an 'undesirable work environment.' Other claims stated by McGowan included verbal abuse, verbal attacks on city team members, fear of retaliation..."

At its April 23rd meeting, the City Council which had just sworn in six new members voted to defer censure and to opt for mediation between Councilwoman Shea and then City Administrator Ryan Thomas and other city employees.

In an April 25th report, West Newsmagazine stated that, "The former council voted 10-4 on April 9 to prepare censure in response to a series of reported comments from nine city staff members citing concerns of a 'hostile work environment' that 'created anxiety,' 'diverted focus from work responsibilities' and made employees feel 'fearful of retaliation,' according to a summary of the aggrieved employee statements...".

At a later meeting, after an attempted mediation with Shea and employees, the council voted to indefinitely postpone censure.

But now, after complaints of engaging in further controversial exchanges, including a tumultuous encounter with Councilman Stine where she reportedly crossed the dais to insult him while angrily slapping the table, Shea faces another resolution of censure.

The resolution is being brought forward by Councilman Stine and will be voted on by the full council. The proposed Resolution of Censure mentions Councilwoman Shea's decision to continue to act in a manner below the dignity of her office. The resolution which is to be considered at the February 25 Council meeting is as follows:



WHEREAS, Resolution 2018-11, a resolution of censure of Council Member Tammy Shea was considered by the City Council of Wildwood on April 23, 2018. This resolution was put forth due to erratic, threatening and unbecoming behavior on the part of Council Member Shea while interacting with employees of the city. Rather than passing the resolution, the matter was referred to an ad hoc committee of the City Council to mediate between the parties;

WHEREAS, the ad hoc Meditation Committee reported “some progress” between the parties and recommended that Resolution 2018-11 be postponed indefinitely. The City Council accepted the recommendation and took that action on September 10, 2018;

WHEREAS, despite the Council’s forbearance in 2018, Council Member Shea has continued to act in a manner beneath the dignity of the office of City Council Member with needlessly confrontational and demeaning behavior, lack of decorum and on several occasions a complete disregard of the City’s procedures, norms and rules;

WHEREAS, Council Member Shea has on several occasions used crude, threatening and inappropriate language in her personal attacks of the Mayor and other Council Members;

WHEREAS, Council Member Shea has not afforded herself of the opportunity provided by the City Council to avoid censure and redeem her behavior.


Section One. The City Council of the City of Wildwood hereby expresses its disappointment in the unacceptable conduct of Council Member Tammy Shea in conducting her official duties while interacting with the Mayor, fellow City Council Members, other City officials and members of the public.

Section Two. The City Council further expresses to Council Member Shea the desire that she conduct herself in a professional and dignified manner as becoming of the esteemed office of Council Member.

Section Three. The City Clerk is instructed to lodge this Resolution in the official records of the City.

Section Four. This Resolution shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage and approval.

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