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Freshly Censured Councilwoman Tammy Shea Pushes Back Against Peace Offering; Appears riled by talk o

At the February 27th candidate forum at Wildwood City Hall, Dr. Kenneth Remy, who is running in ward three against recently censured Councilwoman Tammy Shea, made an offer that after the election the council could "break bread" at his home to promote peace and civility. In response Shea posted that night on her campaign Facebook account that such an offer would be a violation of law and that the offer somehow demonstrated that Mr. Remy was "cut of the same cloth" as Mayor Bowlin. This was not meant as a complement as the Mayor is a frequent target of the Shea's criticism. Moreover, her reasoning is flawed since nothing prevents the council to get together socially as they do at the annual volunteer appreciation dinner. This type of knee-jerk allegation of wrongdoing when things are not going one's way is what has led to such a hefty legal and unnecessary bill for the city. Over $30,000 of tax funded dollars have been spent on frivolous ethics complaints by political enemies of the Mayor.

As expected, talk of getting along was on the tongue of every candidate, but Shea's tenuous commitment seems to have lasted as long as the drive home. Her post attempts to push back against an attempt to bring people together and suggests that such an offer shows that Dr. Remy is "of the same cloth" as Mayor Bowlin, which according to Ms. Shea is decidedly not a good thing.

This push-back against such a goodwill meeting was done in response to the suggestion for the council to "break bread" in Dr Remy's closing statement, which can be seen below. The statement is in response to the question, "If elected how will you help the council work together?"

Some cynics might say that Dr. Remy's belief in the human spirit is idealistic, but his genuine commitment to collaboration and basic human decency is a breath of fresh air. I am certain a way could be found to accomplish a group meal and a symbolic dedication to working together to move our city forward after the April election. Thank you, Dr. Remy for the suggestion.

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