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Statement on St. Louis County's Decision not to Prosecute Councilman Woerther

Updated: Mar 1

The following is a statement from Steve Taylor, Councilman 4th Ward, City of Wildwood"

"St. Louis County has finished its investigation into what were possible violations of the law by Councilman Woerther.

"It has been concluded that the actions lacked 'criminal intent' and thus there will be no prosecution of defendant Councilman Woerther.

"I was initially, and continue to be concerned with the actions of Councilman Woerther regarding the taking of a city document from City Hall and then admittedly destroying it. That said, the County prosecutor believes there was a lack of evidence of criminal intent and I wholeheartedly accept their professional decision on the matter.

"Given the result of the investigation, I do not support censure of council member Woerther as censure has only occurred once in this city's history and is reserved for the most egregious behavior and is thus not appropriate in this matter.

"I am certain the decision not to prosecute Mr. Woerther is welcome news and I wish the best for Councilman Woerther and his family going forward."

Paid for by Steve Taylor