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EPA in Wildwood? Resident's Inquiry Leads to Release of City Documents

Updated: Mar 1

New Freedom of Speech rules recently passed by the Wildwood City Council has paid dividends. A question by a resident concerned with EPA sites in Wildwood prompted the release of related "white papers" to the public.

At the Wildwood City Council's February 11th meeting, Mr. Tebbe, an informed and engaged Wildwood resident, brought forth questions regarding what he referred to as the "black eye" of Wildwood. He was referring to the former Russell Bliss hazardous waste dumping sites within the City of WIldwood.

Using the new rules afforded by the Freedom of Speech Act, Mr. Tebbe made a direct inquiry of councilmembers Katie Dodwell and Steve Taylor. Both shared Tebbe's concern, and their responses and resulting dialogue with the Mayor led to a distribution of the "white papers" regarding the former EPA sites. The documents, which were produced by the city provide an overview of the status of the two former EPA-Superfund sites.

VIDEO: Clip of residents inquiry regarding EPA sites in Wildwood. This version is edited to place council response alongside resident's inquiry. Original can be found on City of Wildwood's Livestream site.

The two White Papers, which are available with the following links:

White Paper 1;

White Paper 2:

Although, these documents do not encompass all that is known about the sites, they serve as a decent primer on a complex subject matter, and Mr. Tebbe is to be commended for taking the initiative to follow up on this important matter.

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