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Let's Not Point Cameras In People's Faces

If you have been to a meeting at city hall recently you have noticed that there is always at least one camera set up on a tripod to record the proceedings for a certain group.

Since it is a public meeting there is nothing illegal or unethical with that. That said, recently a resident stated during public comment period that they did not like being recorded in that manner since it was unclear what the group was using the recordings for. I have also heard this from two other residents. At the time I did not understand that concern given that statements at the podium and dais were livestreamed anyway.

But at the last candidate debate it was clear that at times during the evening the organization's camera was being trained on residents in attendance. There was even an occasion when the camera panned to follow a resident who was trying to move past the tripod that was blocking the middle of the aisle.

This type of behavior, especially when the camera is being run by the husband of Councilwoman Shea, is starting to take on a feel of surveillance rather than a passive recording. As a councilman who respects the right of citizen involvement, I would encourage individuals recording city meetings to respect residents who are also trying to participate in their city's proceedings.

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