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Who Is "Liking" Wildwood's Anonymous Facebook Page?

Updated: May 18

This post has been updated. The image of Mayor Bowlin that was posted on the Facebook page has been altered to make it less offensive to some readers.

Since this story was posted, Kelley Woerther has removed her likes from the Wildwood Shenanigans. Wildwood Matters commends this action.

City of Wildwood Councilwoman, Tammy Shea, was recently censured for behavior beneath the dignity of her office. She has also declined to deny allegations that she runs the anonymous website Wildwood Shenanigans.

Wildwood Matters recently ran a story on the controversial website and how it is used to spread unsubstantiated rumors. It was also used to post an image of the Mayor's face photo-shopped onto a nude female figure astride a wrecking ball.

The site is still up and anyone can see who is still "liking" the site on facebook.

Just because we have a right to say it, doesn't mean we are right to say it, especially when running for office as is Salvatore and .

See below some of those liking Wildwood Shenanigans.

SCREENSHOTS: Taken from Wildwood Shenanigans with likes shown. Part of the image is cropped by Wildwood Matters to make acceptable for some viewers.

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