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Increasingly Bizarre Anti-Mayor Claims Tie Up Council Time; Kennedy claims Mayor graffitied City Hal

Recently Bill Kennedy filed a complaint against the Mayor that included a suggestion that taking a picture of City Hall may constitute theft. If you want to read the story about how Mr. Kennedy claimed that the Mayor stole City Hall by photographing it, just click here.

Surprisingly it appears John Gragnani, a councilman for Ward One, wishes to use council time at its March 11th meeting to discuss the supposed merits of Kennedy's allegation. This comes after the last council meeting, when Mr. Gragnani warned the council that he would be watching members' every move if Councilwoman Shea was censured at the February 22nd council meeting. After Gragnani's speech the council did vote to censure Ms. Shea for behavior below the dignity of her office.

Video: "If anybody even screws up this much, that much of my little finger they're going to be in big trouble because I'm going to be watching what you do. OK. And I promise you this will not end well."- John Gragnani

Mr. Gragnani has aligned himself closely with a group of anti-

mayor activists who have been responsible for over $20,000

dollars in failed ethics complaints in a quixotic crusade against Wildwood's chief executive. The group believes, which is not supported in the charter, that our Mayor should be weak, and the council should have unlimited power. The city's charter speaks quite directly about a city government with "balance powers."

These wearisome complaints and allegations against the Mayor continue to morph into the most outrageous type of assertions. Below is a video of Kennedy alleging that the Mayor "graffitied" city hall when the Mayor used Photoshop to place the words "time's up" on an image he sent in an email.

In the video, Kennedy claims that a resolution to censure Councilwoman Shea for actions below the dignity of her office, would be hypocritical since a so-called "corrupt" mayor "put graffiti" across the city's logo. The allegation is bizarre given that Mr. Kennedy is referring to an electronic image and not actual spray paint.

IMAGE: Screen Shot of section of Mayor's message that Bill Kennedy asserts is actually graffiti. The Mayor's message was about term limits. Time's up is photo-shopped and not actually painted on the city hall.

VIDEO: "Like a spoiled brat teenager who never grew up he has put graffiti across our city logo." - Bill Kennedy

The group's anti-mayor claims are getting so tenuous and tortured that they have almost taken on the appearance of performance art. One thing is for certain, these allegations do not deserve so much city time or money.

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