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Disgraced Councilwoman Shea Called out For Deception Regarding Endorsement

Dr. Lisa Martino-Taylor today requested that disgraced councilwoman Tammy Shea not use a five-year old endorsement as Shea does not have her permission to do so. Dr. Martino-Taylor does not support Shea's candidacy and is an adamant supporter of Shea's opponent, Dr. Kenneth Remy. Since the original endorsement Shea has been censured by the Wildwood City Council for conduct beneath the dignity of her office. In response to Shea's deception, Dr. Lisa Martino-Taylor released the following statement:

"Tammy Shea is well aware that I strongly oppose her candidacy for City Council. Her releasing a five year old endorsement is deceptive and deceitful, yet unsurprisingly characteristic of how she consistently attempts to deceive the public.

"Her lack of honesty and well-known bullying tactics against members of the council, city staff and the Mayor have recently earned her a formal censure by the council. She has been an extremely divisive council member and regularly engages in politics of personal destruction.

"This has been costly in terms of tax payer money, loss of staff and the city's reputation. In my final assessment, Tammy Shea is not honest, transparent or the right choice for any position of leadership. She has proven herself to be a bully, is largely responsible for the loss of our city administrator this year, and is presently the chief cause of conflict on the Wildwood City Council. Strong women don't bully.

"I enthusiastically support Dr. Ken Remy for the Ward 3 Wildwood City Council seat. I have no doubt that as a skilled professional and gem of this region Dr. Remy will with work with other members of the council to represent the interests of Wildwood residents with transparency, honesty and respect."

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