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Taylor and Manton Appointed to Wildwood Preservation Committee as Council Responds to Forced City Co

At its March 11th meeting the Wildwood City Council took action in response the forced merger of St. Louis City and County along with the elimination of City municipalities.

First, the City reaffirmed an earlier resolution in opposition to the proposed merger and the loss of local control and amenities this City has prioritized.

Second, the City Council approved the Mayor's nomination of eight citizens and two council members to the Wildwood Preservation Committee. The Committee will work to identify assets and resources important to our city, neighborhoods and communities in order to protect them from the prospect of incorporation. Councilmembers Ray Manton, Ward 2 and Steve Taylor, Ward 4 were appointed as the two councilmembers that will serve on the committee.

"Wildwood is facing an existential crisis," said Taylor. "The entire Council, the Mayor and residents need to cooperate and do our utmost to secure our rights and resources as a city."

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