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Shea Campaign Stumbles with False Charge that Her Opponent is on Ballot "Illegally"

At the Wildwood City Council's March 11th meeting, Councilwoman Tammy Shea claimed that her opponent, Dr. Ken Remy, was on the ballot illegally. She made her allegation at the podium during the public comment period.

These claims were definitively dismissed by Dr. Ken Remy with the release of a detailed statement and set of documents.

Her comments focused on the claim that the notarization on the signatures "are dated on (sic) month prior to any signature appearing on the pages.". Wildwood residents wanting to run for city council are required to obtain 25 signatures of registered voters in the ward in which they wish to be a candidate. These signatures are to be notarized, turned into the city clerk, and then approved by the Board of Elections.

Several days later, on March 14th, Shea posted to her website the allegation that her opponent was "on the ballot illegally."

There were several confusing and pedantic accusations including that Dr. Remy had signed both his own and Shea's petition, and that one address had several digits transposed.

But the main allegation was that the signatures were backdated.

In her March 14th post, Shea claimed that the petitions that were accepted by both the City of Wildwood and the County Board of Elections, with a notary mark of November 11th proved that her opponent had illegally backdated his signature forms. On her Facebook post she demanded an immediate response to her allegations.

Opting to respond, Dr. Remy issued a statement and evidence evaporating Shea's complaints. Remy issued a statement by the notary stating that there was a clerical error on the document and that it was actually notarized on December 11th and not November 11th. Dr. Remy provided a wealth of documentation including a copy of the notary's ledger book showing that the document was indeed notarized on December 11th.

Dr. Remy released the following on his Remy for Wildwood Facebook site.

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