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Resident Asks to End the Shea-nanigans and Push Reset Button this April 2nd

Dear fellow Wildwood Ward 3 residents, I urge you to get out and make your vote count on April 2nd. If you think it is time for a return to independence and civility, then we in Ward 3 have a real opportunity to hit the reset button with Dr. Remy on the ballot.

Wildwood is a great place to live, but lately, we've been beset by political in-fighting that is distracting us from focusing on our community. We also face an existential threat of merger, and we need to be united in defense of our way of life. I believe Dr. Remy's commitment to civility and community-focus is just what we need to move forward. Incumbent Shea represents more of the same in-fighting and distraction.

I think we can agree that if you believe there is corruption in City Hall, then we need good folks to expose and fight it. But, it matters how they go about it. Wildwood is no place for sustained Machiavellian shenanigans (Shea-nanigans), regardless of political affiliation.

It is not okay to post disparaging comments on Facebook during city council meetings. It is not okay to chide the public for their 'ignorance of how city government works' immediately following a public speaking session. It is not okay to repeatedly misrepresent facts on social media, and fail to correct 'mistakes' when given the chance (and the benefit of the doubt they were mistakes instead of falsehoods). It is not okay to abuse Wildwood businesses and community volunteers as pawns in other battles. It is not okay to ignore constituents and foster an environment of doubt and fear throughout our community. Shea-nanigans now extend to other sitting council members in support of her cause. For example, a recent missive in support of Shea attempted to sow fear in residents that they would be subject to being "attacked, ridiculed, made fun of, censured, and harassed by the police. You'll get a full-on assault of your reputation, your job, everything." Those are irresponsible words that have no place being played out in social media from an official. Shea-nanigans also distorts the political environment by fostering a climate of 'my enemy is my enemy's friend' so that any dissention to her opinion becomes viewed as tacit support of 'the other side'. No, Ms. Shea. We can dislike Shea-nanigans without necessarily supporting anything or anyone else. In my case, it means supporting an independent candidate (Dr. Remy) that listens to his constituents, does what he feels is right for the community within its charter, and promises a return to much-needed civility. Shea-nanigans also likes to suggest that being 'an assertive woman' is the impetus behind Ms. Shea's detractors. Yes, Ms. Shea, that observation about our society is unfortunately all too often correct. Disgusting! But, that doesn't mean folks who respect and surround themselves with strong women cannot disagree with you and your methods solely on the basis of your actions. In my opinion, you have gone far past mere assertiveness. As a side note, I do not know Ms. Shea personally. Our social circles have not crossed and she has not taken the many chances she had to engage me (her Ward 3 resident) in dialog. I do not respect her as politician, but I reserve judgement on her as person. This is the difference between disagreeing on issues and hatred. While civil political discourse is a hallmark of our chosen form of government, hate is non-productive. I'm done with Shea-nanigans, and I hope you are, too. On April 2nd, I'm voting for independence and civility. I'm voting for someone I believe will maintain independence with a strong focus on what is best for our community. I'm voting for Dr. Remy. Ike Portscheller

Ward 3 resident


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