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Shea Claims to Be General Bopp Supporter But Voted Against His Being Seated-VIDEO

In the final days of her campaign, recently censured Councilwoman Shea struggles to find relevance. After burning through a set of issues including unsubstantiated claims of sign theft and attempting to have her opponent removed from the ballot, Shea is now trumpeting her support for councilman Bopp, who has been in a dispute with the Mayor as to where he will be seated on the dais. Even though all but one council member sided with Bopp at the Council's last meeting, Shea is attempting to make it sound as if her opponents were not supportive of Bopp.

Wildwood Matters is posting video here that shows Council Woman Shea railing against Mayor Bowlin's nomination of councilman Bopp. Shea can be seen in the video voting against the seating of Councilman Bopp on the Council. So much for ethics.

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