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What do Lou Ferrigno and Joe Garritano Have in Common?

Well, they are both strong. Joe having won re election to his Ward 8th seat by over 88 percent of the vote, and Lou being the avenging alter-ego of fugitive scientist, Dr. David Banner, in the classic TV series The Incredible Hulk.

But this Friday Joe Garritano and Lou Ferrigno discussed an even closer connection at the St. Louis Convention Center during Comic Con; St. Athanasius Grammer School in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn. Both gentleman attended that school and even had the same 5th grade teacher.

When Mr. Garritano introduced himself and mentioned Mrs. Foppiano their 5th grade teacher, Farrigno seemed genuinely surprised. The two spoke so long that a handler for Mr. Ferrigno even made a pass-by to make sure all was alright, and was given an OK by the celebrity.

"Ferrigno mentioned the avenue where my dad and uncle had their business for over 40 years, a local record store." said Garritano. "We reminisced about the old neighborhood, including the local ice cream shop that was famous for many years."

Ferrigno, who now lives in Santa Monica, California said that he recently visited the old neighborhood and asked Garritano if he goes back to visit.

"I told him that I did, and that my parents and family are still living in the same home I grew up in," said Garritano.

When asked what he thought of where he lived now, Garritano said "It is a beautiful place to live." To which Mr. Ferrigno stated, "well, it's a lot quieter and you'll probably live longer."

Garritano, who is Wildwood's Mayor Pro-Tem was recently appointed to the Missouri Municipal League's Board of Directors.

We are glad to have you here in your new home town, Joe.

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