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The Art of the Flip-Flop / First Kennedy, Now Sheeley Does a U-Turn

Wildwood Wood Matters is committed to opening a space for dialogue and intelligent debate. Only in the most extreme cases of obscenity or slander will a comment ever be deleted. Sunshine is the best disinfectant and the truth will out if free and open speech is allowed.

Not long ago WWM had a post on how Bill Kennedy had endorsed me as a candidate when he believed that I was on his political team, but engaged in personal criticism when I demonstrated independence as a member of the council.

Recently, Karen Sheeley, who originally supported my campaign, is at best, flip-flopping on her take on a well publicized event in which I was detained at a STLCC board meeting. I was later cleared of all charges in a court of law and found completely innocent of any wrongdoing.

Tony Messenger has written about the "false arrest" incident and subsequent election to city council numerous times. I also have written about the incident as a guest columnist to the Post-Dispatch. Yet, Sheeley now seems intent on suggesting that I am somehow less than open about the incident.

Screen Shot: April 8, 2019 , City of Wildwood Missouri, News and Views

Not only will Wildwood Matters not block these comments, we are providing Sheeley's previous comments about the STLCC incident. Before I voted against the position of the Woerther-Shea pack, Sheeley was quite supportive.

I have always been open and honest surrounding this unfortunate incident and have been consistent in my presentation of the facts and circumstances. It appears as Ms. Sheeley's opinion has changed. I will hazard to say they seem based more upon political expediency than anything else.

Regardless of what I think of her opinion, Sheeley is welcome to post her opinions on WWM's Facebook site. In the long run, truth outs.

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