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Date for Ward 1 Special Election Set- UPDATE; Anti-Mayor Council Members and Failed Candidate Attemp

The date for the special election for Wildwood's Ward One seat has been agreed to by candidates Larry Brost and David Hudson. It will be June 4th.

At the April 2, municipal election both Brost and Hudson recieved 286 votes creating a tie.

State law allows for either a special election or deciding by lot the winner.

After an April 15th meeting, both candidates decided to opt for a new election, which would cost approximately $8,000, putting to rest speculation that a coin toss or foot race may decide the outcome.

Prior to the meeting between the candidates and city staff, some of the typically vocal Woerther-Kennedy-Shea* faction had urged Mr. Hudson not to meet with Brost in a "closed meeting".

UPDATE: According to a city employee, council member John Gragnani, censured council member Tammy Shea who recently lost her re-election with 23 percent of the vote, and Jean Vedvig who recently made an unsuccessful bid to unseat Katie Dodwell attempted to gain access to the meeting. According to the source they were told several times that the meeting was not open, but between the two candidates before they relented.

This latest attempt to create scandal was based upon a reading of a now revised Missouri statute that was no longer applicable and a general belief that the Mayor and City Staff have evil intent and hypnotic powers that can render full grown men helpless to act in their own interest.

The meeting, which eventually occurred over the cries of the persistently paranoid anti-Bowlin clan, resulted in setting a date of June 4th for the special election. The city released a proclamation announcing the date.

* Woerther- Kennedy-Shea faction is a reference to the often vocal group of rabid anti-Mayor Bowlin activists who have often rallied around Council Member Tim Woerther, Mr. Kennedy and now censured Council Member Tammy Shea in their quixotic attacks of Mayor Bowlin. They have been responsible for nearly $30,000 dollars in failed ethics complaints have been filed against the Mayor.

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