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Better Together Petition Withdrawn!! But we must remain vigilant.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that Better Together's petition to put the forced merger on the ballot has been withdrawn!

This is happening after

unremitting opposition by residents of the St. Louis region, the advance of opposing legislation in the Missouri State legislature and the federal indictment of former County Executive, Steve Stenger, who was critical to the original pro-merger team.

Although this is reason to celebrate, in particular since so much money and influence was lining up against municipalities and local control, we must stay strong!

For Wildwood in particular it means that we will be able to maintain control over our zoning, parks, trails and more!

As a Wildwood Council Member and liaison to the Wildwood Preservation Committee (WPC), which was organized to preserve our local control in face of the proposed merger, I could not be more pleased.

That said, in politics there is no such thing as permanent victories only permanent battlefields. We must remain vigilant as long as their are those who would like to see the dissolution of municipal governments and the concentration of power within a select political class.

I believe that along with our celebration, our city and the WPC needs to continue its work in anticipation of a potential future attempt to usurp local control.

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