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Special Election- JUNE 4th! Candidate Letters

Since April's contest resulted in a tie between candidates Larry Brost and David Hudson, Ward One is having a special election on June 4th!

Wildwood Matters invited both candidates to submit letters regarding the upcoming election. Mr. Hudson requested that a link be provided to his response to Westnews Magazine.

Below is Candidate Larry Brost's letter. It describes his qualifications, priorities if elected as well as what he describes as intentional misrepresentation by the Hudson campaign.


Dear Neighbor,

During the last election Ward One had a tie! I and my opponent received the exact same number of votes. Now in order to break that tie there will be a special election on June 4th.

I am asking for your vote because I want to continue the momentum that we saw this April for a return to civility on the city council. Several new faces were elected to the council as residents of Wildwood stood up for civility and an end to dirty politics that has given our city a black eye. I hope to join those new members in representing our City, preserving our strict zoning regulations, support our charter and master plan and promote a vibrant town center.

As a store front business owner (see and CPA I am well equipped to promote fiscal responsibility and seek common sense solutions to challenges.

I have always been and will continue to be opposed to the idea of the proposed merger. Better Together may have withdrawn its petition, but we cannot afford to think that those who want to disband municipalities and consolidate political power have given up. I have extensive experience with mergers, and I know that Wildwood would lose its identity, which is the case when mergers occur. I would use my knowledge of mergers to help in the critical fight against any future attempt to force a merger.

High-Speed internet has been a shortfall for rural Wildwood, particularly Ward One, for some time. Like you, I live the challenge of good service each day. I am committed to making this a priority. This includes involvement with the Rural Internet Access Committee and local providers to bring action and results to our Ward. I am very skilled and passionate in delivering the desired outcome.

During this campaign, there have been false claims by my opponent’s campaign about my business. They allege that I am a developer and that I would not be protective of Wildwood’s zoning and natural beauty. This statement is not true. My business does custom work on homes and I have never, ever built a subdivision. My opponent knows this. I have offered to meet with several individuals who have publicized this misrepresentation. I have asked for an opportunity to share the facts and offered a tour of my business with these individuals.

I welcome anyone with concerns to contact me to visit my store and see for themselves how these attacks are unfounded. My business, Heartlands, has never presented a plan to divide a tract of land into individual lots, build roads, or install utilities. It is a business that specializes in creating enjoyment of nature through OUTDOOR living spaces and products.

In my career as a business owner, practicing CPA and executive finance officer, I know the importance of reporting and representing information honestly and fully. Misrepresentation and promoting false statements are never appropriate. Because it is done in Washington doesn’t make it right. The citizens of Wildwood deserve better and the results of the April 2, 2019 election say they want better. My campaign has not, and will not, promote false statements. If elected I will not conduct myself in such a manner. I will be civil, respectful, stick to facts, and promote teamwork.

The City needs one more vote for Teamwork, Respect, Civility and Progress. Bring yours on June 4, 2019!

Heartland's Showroom- Photo provided by Larry Brost

Link to Hudson's response to Westnews Magazine.

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