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Brost Self-Funds as Hudson Cashes in From Anti-Mayor Group for June 4th Special Election

April's municipal election was a call for change as a coalition of anti-mayor candidates were soundly defeated. Ken Remy gained a ward 3 seat by defeating censured, staunch anti-mayor council member Tammy Shea with stunning 77 % of the vote. Lauren Edens won her Ward 2 seat by winning 69 % of the vote in a contest against Tony Salvatore, who is a perennial foe of the Bowlin administration. Moreover, Katie Dodwell handily defeated challenger Jean Vedvig, who had also planted her flag in the anti-mayor camp. Dodwell captured an impressive 58 % of the vote. Joe Garritano smashed his anti-mayor opponent with a whopping 88 % to retain his ward eight seat.

Now in a closely watched special election to settle a tie race in Ward one, David Hudson, who is the favorite of the anti-mayor camp has received over $1,500 dollars in donations from five donors.

Larry Brost appears to be funding his own campaign.

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