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Brost Pulls Away From Hudson with a 60 to 40 Win in Special Election

This time it was the furthest thing from a tie. Larry Brost defeated David Hudson with a 60 to 40 margin in a special election held to decide the first tie for a city council seat in Wildwood history.

In a special election that saw a greater turnout than the original, Brost clearly added votes to his margin, while Hudson did not move the special-election needle.

(Photo: Watch Party at Parkside Grill June 4th.)

While a strong Brost ground game was seen by many as a key to his success, such a wide margin of victory was attributed by some to a drag on Hudson by his association with the Woerther-Kennedy-Shea faction that saw similar margins of defeat with candidates they supported during the general election.

Speaking with supporters Tuesday night at his Parkside Grille watch party, Brost said that he had spoken with his opponent Hudson as polls closed. In a nod to the historic nature of the election, he told his opponent, "that he (Hudson) had campaigned hard," and that after all was said and done, he "hopes someone wins."

With such wit, it appears that the anti-humor faction of the Wildwood City Council may have been handed yet another defeat.