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Former Mayor Who Supported LED Signs Reopens Debate after They Were Soundly Defeated Years Before

We can call it sign gate. There has been a lot of back and forth on whether Woerther supports LED signs and what he actually said in Monday's P and Z meeting.

There have been annotated, cut up videos, attempting to show he did not support the signs but was merely talking about including them in the current review of sign ordinances.

WWM is providing the entire exchange below, which ends with the statement by Woerther that the commission should keep "an open mind" regarding them.

The context surrounding the remarks is that the adoption of LED signs was soundly defeated in years prior, when CM Tim Woerther was mayor. He had voted twice for their adoption in 2015. Both attempts failed and the proposal for animated electronic message boards was considered dead.

It is true that during the exchange, Woerther was careful to say that he was not supporting the signs, but he also did say that they should be considered and the City should have an open mind about them.

Given that the issue had been dead and that he had voted in favor twice before, such a suggestion to take up the issue again

could hardly be seen as anything other than initiating a new push for adoption. To think he would bring the defeated measure up just to vote against it for the first time stretches credulity for some.

Others claim he just wants all sign ordinances reconsidered.

Below is a link to an unedited version of the exchange. We report, you decide.

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