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One Ward 8 Council Member Talks Trash, the Other Takes Care of It for Residents

Councilman Joe "Get It Done" Garritano

If you live in Wildwood you know that the transition from Meridian to Waste Connections has been confusing and at times frustrating for residents.

Meridian, which lost its contract for Wildwood was scheduled to pick up its old waste containers, and city hall was being over run with complaints.

"I was at home and I thought about all the frustration and I thought, you know I could rent a truck and take care of some of my neighbors," said Joe Garritano, a councilman for ward 8.

Joe, did just that and picked up over one hundred orphaned containers and strategically placed them at city hall for Meridian to pick up.

IMAGE: Joe Garritano's Facebook Page

Another Ward 8 Councilman, Niles Stephens has also been getting his hands dirty. He and husband of disgraced, former City Council Member Tammy Shea were caught on a hot mike bad-mouthing the committee that was investigating a new public policy in response to Councilman Niles Stephens spamming residents with unsolicited emails using a city list. Due to some "foul language" the city was forced to edit the livestream.

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