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Wildwood Matters Story Picked Up by Nationally Recognized Author

Wildwood politics is known for being getting a bit hurley burley from time to time. And there are many blogs built around Wildwood politics. Many of them are anonymous and few delve into elaborate conspiracy theories about sub rosa attempts to improperly delay committee meetings several days.

That's in part the great thing about the internet. It democratizes expression to an extent, and I am certain that some of the postings here have at times seemed arcane.

Today it came to be known that a nationally recognized author, Mitchel Cohen, republished a story originally on WIldwood Matters. His book The Fight Against Monsanto Roundup is published by Simon and Shuster. It is a nice mention that offers hope that this little blog can occasionally reach beyond the back and forth of city politics.

Here is a link to the story of how Wildwood's toxic past is still informing the nation of the insidious nature of hazardous waste sites.

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