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"Get It Done Joe" Gets It Done Again

Less than twenty four hours ago, Wildwood Matters posted a story about what appeared to be a precariously exposed water-main hanging in a washout left in a Caulk's Creek tributary by recent storms.

The huge pipe was not visible from the road, but Wildwood Matters posted the story and contacted Missouri American Water. That said, the company seemed rather agnostic about the urgency of the situation. That was until Joe Garritano, Councilman from Ward 8 shared the Wildwood Matters post with an executive at Missouri American Water during a Missouri Municipal League meeting.

Today, at least six trucks, including a huge excavator and about a dozen workmen showed up at the intersection of Westglen Farms Drive and Thunderhead canyon.

Several of the crew told Wildwood Matters that it was a huge job, and a big deal and that they would be installing a shut-off valve in case the line breaks. They also said that a "contractor" will be doing follow up work to build around and support the pipe.

Currently, the crew is working under artificial light during the night in order to install the shut-off.

Thank you "Get it Done" Joe Garritano!

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