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Site Claiming to Uphold Ethics Seems to Hide Behind Fake Address

Groundless accusations and frivolous complaints are epidemic in Wildwood.

The Attorney General's office recently closed the books on and took no action on numerous complaints that were filed along with over $20,000 dollars worth of failed accusations before the City ethics board.

Most, if not all of these complaints came from a group of individuals dead- set on embarrassing a Mayor they do not like. But since these attempts began, that group's political fortunes have soured with defeat after defeat in the polls and the official censure of one of their most outspoken gadflies, former council member Tammy Shea.

Shea's association with a controversial and anonymous Facebook page, Wildwood Shenanigans, played a significant role in Shea's defeat earlier this year. But that does not seem to be discouraging the use of anonymous sites in Wildwood. To the contrary, they seem to have proliferated. There are more and more anonymous social media sites and Facebook pages with an anti-mayor agenda that are being posted and boosted without anyone willing to take responsibility for the accusations. The political cost for making false allegations seems to be pushing these claims to shadowy anonymous sites for distribution.

One site, WAP, (for our purposes, let's call it the Wildwood Accusation Project), which claims to be founded for the purposes of "transparency" in government does not state who runs the site and gives what appears to be a false, nonexistent address.


While researching the origin of the site, only one piece of data suggests someone who may be associated with this site. Kelley Woerther, wife of former Mayor and current council member Tim Woerther, and political enemy of the Mayor, was the point of contact in a October 2018 press release about an ethics complaint. The complaint was one of Woerther's thousand's of of dollars worth of failed accusations.

Since the press release lists Woerther as a point of contact for the complaint, it would appear that she probably at least knows who is behind this now anonymous site.

Image: Screenshot from press release. Number redacted by WWM

The ability to file ethics complaints is absolutely necessary. Transparency in government is essential. And even though the tens of thousand of taxpayer dollars spent on groundless claims by a few sometimes tests our resolve, it is certain that those rights will be preserved by the city of Wildwood and the state of Missouri. They should be.

As said by James Bryce in his 1888 book, The American Commonwealth ,"sunshine is the best disinfectant." Those demanding transparency should themselves step into the light.

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