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Wildwood Mayor Seeks to Protect Residents' Email Data

Many people do not know that Missouri's Sunshine law makes communication between residents and city staff and elected officials public information.

Moreover, lists of email addresses maintained by municipalities are also considered public and can be requested by individuals or companies through Missouri's open records law.

Today, Wildwood's Mayor Jim Bowlin released a statement that he is petitioning the state of Missouri to modify its law requiring municipalities to reveal private information about citizens.

According to the statement:

"Citizens routinely provide their private contact information to municipalities and other governmental bodies so they can receive news and learn of community events. Current 'Missouri Sunshine Laws' require this information to be divulged to third parties upon request."

In a February 11th press release, Mayor Jim Bowlin stated that, "when our residents offer their email addresses and other private information for the sole purpose of being kept informed by their government, their expectation of privacy should be 100% protected."

According to the statement, "Bowlin said his goal was to obtain the introduction of legislation to address this privacy issue in the 2020 Missouri Legislative Session."